The House

CONCEPT: Showcase Dallas’ premier high-rise residences through cinematic films that feature an exciting lifestyle and showcase the building's clean lines, rich finishes and panoramic views. 



Static Video Loops

Six (6) :20 second looping videos of The House’s top amenities.

The above examples from PayPal displays how these video elements can be incorporated into your website for maximum effect.

Cinematic Films

1. The 5th Floor Terrace


  • The city’s illustrious skyline is beaming bright and big. A young couple, Victory and Houston, enjoy a vintage red wine. With the city’s towering skyscrapers as their view, the couple finds intimacy in the summer night.

2. The Pool


  • A beautiful woman, Dallas, brown hair - olive skin, rests peacefully in the privacy of her own cabana near the majestic 130 ft pool, the latest copy of D Magazine in her hands.

3. The Grand Fireplace


  • Smoldering flames dance in slow motion in the Grand Fireplace. Vic - a handsome, middle aged man reads a book as Tex - a tired puppy, rests at his feet as dusk becomes night. 

4. Front Drive


  • The street is at peace. Lamar, an attentive doorkeeper, waits patiently to greet residents. A red Ferrari roars to a stop infront of The House. Lamar opens the car door and welcomes Houston -- they know each other well.  

5. Residence - Bridge Side


  • Ross, an older gentleman not yet dressed for the day, admires the morning view from his panoramic windows. His wife, Akard, brings him a freshbrewed cup of coffee. Together they cherish the moment, the Margret Hunt-Hill bridge majestically in their sights. 

6. Pent House - Downtown Side 


  • A swanky soiree atop at The House’s premier penthouse. Streaming white lights are ancillary to the city’s bright skyline. A throng of young professionals dance, converse and enjoy the night into the early evening. 


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