IDEA: With the use of video elements, photography, social media interaction and press opportunities, we will engage an audience and establish the experience that is TEN50.

The Experience

“We want this place to feel like it’s been here for 100 years.”

Every image and sound we produce will exude authenticity. Our goal is to establish and showcase the quality and consistency of TEN50's flavors & customer experience.


1. Static Video Loops

Silent yet captivating. Video loops will live in the top half of the home page and will remind visitors of your website about TEN50's authentic experience.

Video loops to capture: 

The table: looking down the inviting view of an extending community table full of patrons eating BBQ, reaching for a rib with new heaps of sizzling food being set down by a server. 

The Art: Interesting views of custom art and furniture being created for the restaurant.

The KitchenAn overhead view of a prep table, The process it takes to create a rack of ribs, brisket and sausage. A wide view of the kitchen in full service. A long shot of the orders waiting to be taking to the table (juicy BBQ sizzling and steaming)

The SmokerA shot of the smoker in full bore. A shot of kitchen staff revolving around the smoker, putting food in/taking food out.

The PiesA tight shot of pie crusts being formed. A series of overhead shots of a pie being created from scratch.

DinningA wide shot of the dining room, slow and calm. A wide shot of the dining room full and bustling with energy.

The BarA tight shot of the beer taps, Inviting drafts being poured and exquisite cocktails crafted.

The Stage A tight shot of a small band playing live music for an eager crowd of eaters.


2. Social Media Content Library

Building a content library is critical for all growing brands. With free access to platforms: facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr and pinterest, our Social Media Management can create stories and post important information with engaging content attached (easily accessible and with a pre-planned strategy for maximum engagement. With ample photos and video our team will create a constant dialogue with patrons and continue to develop and loyal following through social media. 

Content Examples:

    a. Finished Plates

    b. Chef preparing plates

    c. Dinning room in action

    d. The building

    e. The bar

    f. Satisfied patrons


3. The Story (a short docu-film on TEN50)

This short film will tell the story of TEN50 in a cinematic and authentic style. Sticking with the industrial vintage-ness and historic branding of TEN50, we will produce a story that highlights the attention to detail, amazing flavors and food memories that lie ahead for each diner.


Everything is fresh and from scratch. The film’s style will embody a fresh and natural brand mentality and be the perfect accompaniment for your online press kit (which should be sent out and attached to all press opportunities).

RUNTIME: 1 minute


4. Sponsored Instagram Posting

Instagram is the hottest social media platform on the market and it’s an essential tool for all brands. Over the past year we’ve created content for our client’s Instagram feeds and commissioned some of the top Instagram photographers to shoot and promote on a client's behalf. These sponsored posts are highly visible with followers well into the 100K+ range. Exposure and endorsement of your brand by top influencers will help grow TEN50's brand awareness.

5. Copywriting

All successful advertising campaigns have one thing in common, GOOD COPY. Our copywriters and storytellers at Slice have written copy for doctors, lawyers, CVBs, chefs, cookbooks, politicians and many others with great success and TEN50 should only experience the same. We'll come in and write copy for websites including bio's, descriptions, job opportunities, the story of the brand and even handle menu verbiage. 


6. Extras

Along with the above services, Slice can provide any of the following on a one off or retainer basis.     (pricing available upon request)

a. Event management

b. Artist booking (music acts)

c. Rebranding

d. Design (stickers, t-shirts, logos)

e. Micro-site Marketing (Great for promotional periods. This is a website that runs alongside your current web-presence, yet it only serves the purpose or a specific campaign. Example: you want users to submit 15seconds videos describing their favorite TEN50 dish. This site hosts those submissions and users can share the page on facebook or twitter. This can also be used for point of sale promotions.)

f. Commissioned art work

g. Guerrilla Marketing (Grass roots and pop-up marketing campaigns. Great for expanding your audience to different neighborhoods.)

h. Food festival management/booking

i. Celebrity Appearance Bookings

j. Print advertising/Photography

k. Media Buying (outdoor, TV, Web, Radio)


**The above creative and strategy belongs to Slice Media, LLC. Any usage of these works must be contracted with or licensed from Slice.