CONCEPT: Showcase Mi G’s extensive collection of hand-embroidered blouses, colorful flowing dresses and delicate bedding pieces. 



  • One (1) 30 second video look-book presenting Mi Golondrina's blouse and dress collection.
  • Two (2) 15 second videos ('La Serenata' & 'Mi Cama').


Video Look-Books

1. 'La Serenata' - 30 seconds & 15 Seconds

White Studio.

  • A beautiful woman dances to the tune of a Mariachi as Mi G's collection of hand-embroidered blouses and colorful dresses are playfully revealed through inventive video editing techniques.

'La Serenata' - Video Example

2. 'Mi Cama' - 15 seconds 

White Studio.

  • A queen sized bed rest in the middle of a pristine white room. Colorful, hand-embroidered pillows, linens and duvets mix and match to reveal a wide range of Mi G bedding options.
  • Trick photography and subtle effects we'll allow us to showcase Mi G's bedding in a fun way.

'Mi Cama' - Video Example (Reference: first 7 seconds)


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