IDEA - Mini Documentary:

A fast cut and compelling film focused on the creation and dominance of LTP&C through the stories of each Partner. With visual references (newspapers clippings and archival footage) and focused interviews, we will tell the story of how LTP&C formed one of the strongest litigation firms in the country. 


“Pony Excess” trailer

Takeaways: The editing, the quick cuts and preciseness, in conjunction with powerful interviews and visual references (b-roll) will entertain and inform. In ‘Pony Excess’, the filmmaker has carefully crafted a storyline using multiple voices with relevant archival footage.

How does this style translate to the LTPC video?

Visually, ‘Pony Excess’ has a high level of production value. With the proper time and access we plan to emulate this same level of quality. We'll carefully craft interview questions in order to create a flowing storyline between the Partners. 

“Tabloid” trailer

Takeaways: The use of archival documents, news clipping and photographs captivate the viewer.



How does this style translate to the LTPC video?

Stylistically, the incorporation of archival footage keeps the viewer engaged and informed. This archival footage serves as the glue to our story. If we can track down news clippings and get clearance, they will be presented similar way.


How to Achieve This:

Each partner will be sent the following questions.

1. When you realized you had the talent and tenacity for this profession?

2. How did you start your career? (anecdote, something humanizing)

3. What is your proudest victory / biggest achievement? (tell the story, the outcome, how it changed you)

4. What is your biggest defeat? (what did you learn from it)

5. Why should potential Clients choose LTP&C over your competitors?

6. Why should recent law graduates consider LTP&C as a place to work?

7. Why should your competitors fear LTP&C in court?

8. Why LTP&C considered the 'Special Forces of Litigation.'?

9. Have you or any of your cases had any exposure in the press (if so, which)?



The Overall Message:

This film will differentiate LTP&C from their competition; whether you’re seeking representation, going against them in court or for recruitment purposes.

Highlighted details and story lines selected from the Partners bios. 

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