Alton Lane - Concepts:

1. Your City. Your Suit. (Experience)

IDEA: A web-video series establishing the Alton Lane experience while showcasing each showroom.

DURATION: 5 episodes. Each episode will have a 1 minute runtime.

WHERE: New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Dallas, Richmond.

STORY: Like its inhabitants, each city has its own personality. We’ll handpick five men to represent each city according to look, style and personality. We document their unique Alton Lane experiences from the initial visit to the final fitting.

GOAL:  Showcase each Alton Lane showroom. Focus on the personalized attention and customization the brand offers while highlighting the attainability and luxury of owning Alton Lane threads.

WHY?  The Alton Lane experience is unique. Custom tailored dress clothes can seem unattainable and intimidating. This 5 episode web series format allows us to showcase each showroom while featuring the attainability and uniqueness of the brand. 


2. The Experience (Print / Photo-Journal)

IDEA: Still images paired with compelling stories from each man’s showroom experience. These stories will be published and shared through our literary connections.

WHERE: New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Dallas, Richmond.

STORY: Through photography and story, we will detail the Alton Lane experience. Slice Media’s in-house photographer, Tyler Sharp, has written and photographed stories for brands such as Filson, Need Lifestyles, Texas Highways Magazine, National Geographic, Sky Magazine and One Frame Magazine.

Photography and video will be seamlessly integrated in order to maintain consistency. We will document the ‘Experience’ and do a Q/A session with each man in their respective cities.



3. Social Content (Library)

IDEA: Video production and photography of the above concepts will allow Alton Lane to continue to grow their already existing content library.

STORY: Social media content, though it’s shelf-life can be short, is a direct connection to your audience. The more consistently your posts are liked, shared, retweeted and commented on is a direct reflection of your brand.

Through Slice Media’s revolving roster of repped Instagram photographers, we will grow Alton Lane’s catalogue of images and produce five, 15sec videos from ‘The Experience’ to be released via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We can also offer promoted posts through our network of repped Instagram photographers. Each photographer has anywhere from 20k-100k followers and use organic product placement to promote your brand. The result - more eyeballs on Alton Lane, which in turn attracts more followers and allows you to organically expand your reach while propelling brand awareness.


4. Original Content

These are existing short brand driven scripts that exist in our catalogue. We own the rights to these original stories and are always looking for corporate sponsors to partner with on the production. We feel the two short scripts below would be perfect for the Alton Lane product, image and branding. If you would like to read the scripts in their entirety, we'd be happy to send them as a secured document. 

Bar PM - A rendezvous between two in-vogue strangers. (4 min)

Summer Love - A short film about romance during a 4th of July soiree. (5 min)

The Maker - For Mizzen+Main

An original piece commissioned by Mizzen+Main to promote their new dry-fit blazer. The piece was featured in many press outlets including (ranked by Time Magazine as a top 100 website to be featured on). The video also helped M+M exceed their fundraising goal by over 400%! 




Ready. Set. Goals. - For Lululemon

An original short film for Vancouver based Lululemon Athletica. At the start of the new year, Alex gets proactive by establishing new goals.  #TheSweatLife.